Carl Allen Furnishings

After 20 years of working for multinational companies in retail Jim Cartey returned to his Salford roots to set up his own furniture shop with wife Josie & their two sons Carl & Allen. It was in 1985 that they set up shop on Langworthy Rd, an area that Jim & Josie new well from their Salford childhood, they named the shop Carl Allen furnishings and advertised as Salford’s own family furnishers. The store went from strength to strength based on the principle of value for money, this also saw a rapid expansion in their customer base as generation upon generation would visit the shop, recommendations handed down from parents to children .

To say Carl Allen’s stood the test of time is an understatement riding the waves of numerous recessions including the latest one .The company became limited in 2003, Jims son Alan becoming main director and also expanding into contract flooring serving some of the largest names in nursing homes and national hotels. To this day the company is still building on its strong reputation for customer service, fantastic prices for branded furniture and carpets and above all the warm welcome extended to every customer new & old.